South Side Swingers was started in an effort to bring organized swingers events to the south side of one of the most erotic cities in America. Atlanta has always been a hot spot for lifestyle events. Being south of the city, our parties have drawn attendees from all over the southeast to come and join in on the action at the hottest new party in the south. We welcome ALL like minded couples for a classy, wild, yet down to earth party atmosphere that makes South Side Swingers the place to be for Georgia Swingers and located centrally for all who want to make a short trip for great times!

South Side Swingers is proud to announce, we have just blocked off every room in our fabulous ALL SUITE hotel for March 7th, 2015!! We are rolling out the royal red carpet for our members and hosting the Palace of Pleasure Hotel Take Over for the Queens and Kings of swing!

We will get the action kicked off at 3:00 P.M. with our famous pre-registration jello shots for those who arrive early and visit one of our hospitality rooms to check in and receive your wristbands. hospitality rooms will be open on the party floors all night for guests to mix and mingle in all night and are a brand new feature to this party!

We will have our evening meet and greet starting at 6:30 in the dining area of the hotel and will have a delicious appetizer dinner catered for all our guest's enjoyment.

The theme is Palace of Pleasure! So put on your crowns and sexiest party gowns and get ready for the royal treatment!

And Finally, We will have our Open Door After Party till 4:00 A.M. and have security seal off the party floors. So, we can roam the halls and leave those crowns and gowns behind! 

We will require only a $40.00 per couple party fee and that you book a room at the hotel to attend this event. We pride ourselves in hosting affordable events that are cetrally located to all the hottest swingers in Georgia and around the southeast and are proud to host this huge event for a minimum expense to our guests!

All rooms at the hotel are 2Q or 1K and separate sitting area with a pull out sofa for extra play area. The wall mounted headboards make this magnificent 4 year old hotel the perfect venue for our kind of party. We have secured a group rate of just $85.00 for rooms that normally cost over $100.00. Detailed hotel info will be provided by email when you sign up on the event guest list.

We have so enjoyed the great times had and the lasting memories that our events have created for us and our fantastic group of friends that are members of South Side Swingers! Cum and join us at our Palace of Pleasure Take Over and enjoy the best that the L.S. has to offer at our March 2015 event!

No single men will be allowed. This event is for couples and single females only!
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Our gatherings are meant to be fun for all. No matter your swing status, you will find that we have something for you in our group. We have standards for admittance that you will find create a comfortable environment for everyone. We do not allow single males and we require all who attend act in a way that represents the best of  what the lifestyle has to offer. We want to have epic parties with the best drama free group of friends we can build along the way. We organize these events as a way of getting us all together for a great time in a great venue. We are doing this for fun! So, we will be able to provide amenities and perks at our party while keeping this all affordable for all who wish to join us without spending your entire paycheck or driving after partying. As, we promote safe play above all. You're all too sexy to let anything happen to you. ;)
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Hotel Party Rules
A Clear Understanding: This is a swingers lifestyle party. You must be at least 21 years of age to attend. There will be open sexual acts of all kinds involving consenting adults. You were aware of this based on the nature of the information provided when you were invited to this party. If you are offended by nudity or any kind of possible combination of multiple men and women engaged in acts that are sexual in nature, then DO NOT ENTER! While most forms of sexual activity are allowed, there are of course some limitations, i.e. No kiddies, No animals, and No violence! If there are other limitations to the sexual expression of members allowed at any given party, such information will be included in the invitations. 
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1. You have received an info sheet detailing party times and appropriate private areas that will be sealed for our guests to enjoy an environment that allows us to openly express ourselves without worry of offending regular hotel guests. You will be required to have on your wrist band at all times and my be required to provide your room # and/or screen name to security to enter certain areas.

2.This party takes place in designated areas only and no nudity or obscene behavior is allowed in non-party public areas of the hotel. Be respectful of other guests by dressing and behaving appropriately in public and semi public areas of the hotel.

3. This is a special party for our members who have reserved a room at our host hotel. You must have your room key to get off the elevator onto the party floors and have on a wrist band while on these floors during the party. 

4. No means No! If you approach anyone at our parties who declines your advances, do not ask again, do not pressure, do not attempt to coerce! Any such behavior will result in termination of your membership, and expulsion from our function! No refunds. No excuses. No negotiation. Every member has the right to decline interaction with anyone else, no questions asked. 

5. Zero tolerance for any weapons or illegal substances at our parties. If you attempt to bring them, you will be denied access or expelled. No exceptions. 

6 You are responsible for your room. You have the right to deny access to anyone and if asked to leave someone else's room you are to do so immediately. Each guests is responsible for their own room and any damages, cleaning fees, or any and all charges assessed by the hotel for failure to abide by the hotels policies are the sole responsibility of the person or persons that has booked the room and not of the group or it's organizers.

General Conduct: We require respectful conduct at all our events. At the hotel parties, it is particularly important that our members do not create a nuisance for the hotel. That includes keeping the party in appropriate places, and being mindful of noise levels throughout the night. We want you to have lots of sexy fun, but we also want to be good guests for our host hotel. Common sense and common courtesy, along with moderation concerning the consumption of alcoholic beverages, should ensure that we have safe, fun, and sexy parties, without disturbing other hotel guests. 

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